QUAD Industries is equipped with (2) 6-axis NTC 2200 Watt CO2 Laser Cutting Machines each with a workspace of 122” x 75” x 31” High.  This allows QUAD Industries to offer their customers the ability to laser cut larger product such as hoods, doors, side panels as well as small product.  At the forefront of QUAD Industries laser department, is CATIA® based online programming.  With CENIT® software, QUAD can produce laser programs directly from CAD with incredible accuracy, significantly reducing delivery times.  QUAD Industries is experienced with laser cutting various materials including aluminum, pre-coated-material, stainless, etc. with gages exceeding 10mm thick.


The fabrication department at QUAD Industries has years of experience in handling some of the most difficult products and processes with extreme precision. Experienced employees capable of operating equipment such as press brakes, machining centers, mills, lathes, orbital riveters and welding equipment, give QUAD Industries the expertise needed to handle these tasks quickly.  All QUAD Industries welders are trained and certified to a level which exceeds most competitors in our industry.  Welding capabilities include MIG, TIG, resistance and various other specialty welding processes.  QUAD Industries assembly processes are controlled by capable CMM certified - CNC machined fixtures and gages.  All product produced at QUAD is CMM certified to customer-specific tolerances and requirements.


The press department at QUAD Industries is equipped with hydraulic presses capable of running various types of tooling.  Employees with years of experience in the prototype tooling industry, give QUAD Industries the ability to handle some of the more complicated stamping projects with ease.  No matter if it is a draw, form, flange or coin die, all tooling at QUAD is designed on CAD and CNC cut to achieve the customer-specific tolerances and requirements necessary.  QUAD Industries has incorporated material control processes that are exceptional in the industry to insure their customers receive certified material specified by design.  Whether you need (1) part or thousands, QUAD Industries is your source for prototype/short run sheet metal stamping.


The Engineering department at QUAD Industries is compatible with all customer applications.  A data management system controls engineering changes and revisions throughout the organization as well as maintaining traceability and identification of product produced.  All facets of QUAD Industries is controlled by this system to maintain quality.


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